Fatherhood, TBI and What It Means To Me

Fatherhood, TBI and What It Means To Me



Fatherhood, TBI and What It Means To Me! What a bold statement, eh, right? All in one statement. It means the world for me as a TBI survivor and three items that are not normally  associated with traumatic brain injury I am sorry to say.

The Fatherhood Part, of TBI and What It Means To Me

What doesn’t it mean to me is more like it, being a dad is everything to me and I have been his go to guy since he was born. Continue reading “Fatherhood, TBI and What It Means To Me”

Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again

Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again

Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again
Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again

Having a brain injury and loving yourself again can be quite a challenge when you barely know that new person you see in the mirror. I’ll say it again: Brain Injury and Loving Your New Self Again. “I’m not me anymore, but I’m still me.” So say the people who write about, speak or otherwise communicate  about living a life riddled by traumatic brain injury.

A person with a TBI is six times more likely to have suicidal thoughts than someone without a brain injury. Some may not feel very lucky to be alive. Irritability is a common post-TBI occurrence, there is little known about what it is, what causes it. Continue reading “Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again”

Tools of the Brain Injury Trade

Tools of the Brain Injury Trade

Tools of the Brain Injury Trade
Tools of the Brain Injury Trade

Love it or leave it, it’s my life, I choose to thrive at life because it sure beats the opposite.

I do daily chores because I have a brain injury and have to give back for the betterment of my family, I am doing my daily share of what it takes to thrive at life with a family. Continue reading “Tools of the Brain Injury Trade”

Because of TBI, That’s How I Roll

Because of TBI, That’s How I Rollhow I roll

Because of TBI, That’s How I Roll and I enjoy the new me. Mike 2.0. I have no choice in the matter, it  has been pre checked, is grayed out as non selectable, it is now my life default, like I said I have no choice in the matter. There is never a dull moment because everything is new to me again, both good and bad. Continue reading “Because of TBI, That’s How I Roll”


Life With A TBILife

Life with TBI, it is what it is and life goes on. Everyone has challenges it just so happens that those with TBI are presented the ultimate.



Remember as you read this, the work force and US government has deemed me unemployable because of Traumatic Brain Injury. In the process I have become quite the domestic engineer who takes care of his household, family and lifestyle, not particularly in that order, everyday 24×7.

This past summer has been a challenge recovering from the wicked hail damage the first week of August, then there is the sliding glass door replacement project, Done.

Installed the blinds for our front window, done.

Installed new curtains and rod over our sliding glass door, done.

We got new carpet which I arranged the contractors bid, selecting the winning bid and overseeing the installation. How could I forget to include all the house furniture moving and cleaning to get in a prepared for the new carpet state.

I am currently giving away via Craigslist, all the lumber I have accumulated from taking a part my old dilapidated deck in the backyard in preparation of a new concrete patio being graded and poured next week. And yes, this project went out through a bid process and we are good to go now, all dependent on our Colorado Autumn weather.


I gave away away probably 2/3 of the old dead lumber and we are set to haul it to the dump before the snow flies, My son needs to experience going to the dump with dad as a right of passage and to let him know where trash goes. My Sliding glass door is replaced, new carpet is holding strong even though we got a new to us dog from the Buddy Center. And my new Tuff Shed is in place and full, locked but full.

Driving Cross Country

A 7 day round-trip roadtrip driving cross country to NY state and into Canada from Colorado is not for the feint of heart.

Classic NY sunset
And you can see anything, we saw a fatal accident leaving Wisconsin to make make what we were doing all too real, too fast when we saw those small white tents in the median.
Life still happens and you need to stay focused after seeing something like that so I had to change the conversation before our car became fully wigged out.
Turning the page now…
Thinking back on it all, what a long strange trip it was.
The rest area, or way side pit stop can be a pretty lawless place and saw people you just knew not to mess with getting condoms in the men’s room.
Everybody has to use the facilities sometime while traveling cross country on the road, just not late on a weekend night so after that we visited the logistical service outlets at some exits, yes that was me with a kid at the Baskin Robbins counter at a Petro in York at 11:30 at night. It was so worth it! IMG_2536Truck stops late at night is a different world as well. Truck drivers (logistics tech) and truck stops are no more, it seems like logistics is the new buzzword along Interstate 80/90 when it comes to long hauling. At a logistical service center (truck stop) you can bank, get a haircut or massage, have your oil changed/tires rotated, eat all you can, buy Powerball, get WIFI and other things. Oh ya, they just sell gas and have 10 different flavored Icee’s as well.
Saw some pretty cool Volvo long haulers along the way. I would say a Freightliner semi tractor truck is the number 2 truck to have after a Volvo. Some of those Volvos were just huge, bigger in size with just 6 wheels, no more dual rear drive tire sets on the drive axles on the newer trucks. The Peterbuilt and Kenworth trucks seemed to be the aged older hand me down truck at the fuel pump.

Saw the best of what the Midwest has to offer including the Duct Tape World Headquarters in Ohio,

Cross country sites

yes sir we did drive right past it!

Continue reading “Driving Cross Country”

Youth Sports Safety

Youth Sports Safetyyouth sports safety

When it comes to Youth Sports Safety you can’t be too cautious.

That’s why I texted our coach 15 minutes before practice was to start saying we were a no go. Continue reading “Youth Sports Safety”