On the Edge

On the Edgeon the edge

Always feeling like I was always on the edge after my TBI was a cruel and inhumane way to live life, keyword: punishment.

On the edge is a term I use when I felt like I was expected to perform in the hours of therapies I once had daily.

Then there were the Dr appointments, evaluations, re evaluations, checking and double checking while living under a microscope. I am not sure anybody could pass those test back to back to back. Continue reading “On the Edge”

Digging Out

Digging Outdigging out

In Colorado yesterday mother nature let loose with a barrage of snowflakes and wind.
17 inches officially in 12 hours fell.

I track my fitness (and food intake) thanks to having Weight Watchers being a part of my life; anyway, I had 3 hours and fifteen minutes of snow shoveling/snowblower activity on drifts across my driveway mre than 3 feet tall. Then there is the town of Castle Rock running their plows and defeating any progress with huge. Frozen. Chunks. Of ice out in the street blocking any chance of a quick escape in case of emergency that I still need to re-clear  after the sun melts it so soft my plastic, snow shovel can break them in half before moving them.  Have you ever tried to balance a chunk of ice/snow that is bigger than the biggest snow shovel you have at the end of a 2 and a half foot stick? Continue reading “Digging Out”

Check This Sock Folding Trick Out

Check out this nifty way to fold socks and save space!

This video shows people how folding socks in a new way that keeps them together without any mess and is super slick. Get this, using just her hands, she’s able to get the job done in under 12 seconds, and when you see how, you’ll never fold socks the same way again. And it organizes your sock drawer!

Continue reading “Check This Sock Folding Trick Out”

Even More About Me

Even More About MeEven More About Me

Mike Bates’ life as he knew it ended but he did not die…

I have a well documented Traumatic Brain Injury received it in 1994, my medical file leaves quite the paper trail. I will not go into how I got a TBI other than it was on a Harley Davidson because people like me (not me tho) tend to dwell on their past. I have discussed this when my Primary Dr. asked me if I use it, then he said good and recommended me to vape it, so being a good patient, I followed his advice.

I have lost 40+ pounds twice since my accident once pre 2014 and once since 2014. I have found my happy place and am able to manage a comfortable size 33 waist for over a year now.
I started this journey in 1994 At Saint Anthony and Craig Hospitals (in Denver) confined to a wheelchair when I wasn’t bed ridden. Since then, I have climbed Pikes Peak, ridden and completed the MS150 two-day bike ride, Sea kayaked the San Juan Island group in Washington State and the sad thing about it all is that I really didn’t realize how much pain I was in and to have a body that felt good, as in I just accepted it. I begrudgingly dealt with this as a part of accepting the new me with the pain as a part of living with the new me, a fair trade of for another chance at life.

Cannabis is beginning to be documented as helping to control Epilepsy as a result of Brain Injury and I have not had Epilepsy at all, but…

In 2014 Cannabis became legal in Colorado and still is frequently mentioned as helping Traumatic Brain Injury so naturally I was intrigued, In late January of that year I set out to by my first gram of high content THC flower.

THC is a magical element of Cannabis that elevates my spirits and makes me feel so good, beyond the head effects associated with Cannabis, and the body effects are awesome. In my life I had many residual body pains (pain from suffering a broken back in my accident, knee pain from my new walk, increased dexterity in both hands allow me to use a keyboard as it was intended, with two hands and then there is my much debated spelling improvement. These are the most noticeable benefits I see, and there a more, but these specifically have disappeared from my life and have not returned since. Neither have those dang headaches I would occasionally get.

CBD or Cannabidiol is an even more magical element with a more profound impact in my life than THC.
There has been a lot of news about CDB or Cannabidiol and it’s healing properties and am even a bigger fan of CBD after getting some strain specific 2:1 CBD to THC ratio bud in the last year.

From my perspective, this has had a huge improvement to my life thanks to a smoother walking gate, speech quality and my ability to pay attention till the task is complete and short-term memory issues will forever be linked to this wonder plant until somebody can tell me (as in proof) why this plant is so bad for me.

Yes, it was a risk I took, a risk that improved my life as a Dad, it was a risk I had/wanted to take. There needs to be research beyond the Epilepsy aspect of CBD use and brain injury.
Another topic along these lines that has been of concern to me is the increased risk of dementia and CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in my life with a head injury as I get older. This is forcing me to be proactive on this issue because there is no turning back with the head injury associated problems let alone time for a lengthy study, as in I ain’t getting any younger!
CTE and the NFL is big in the news right now but this goes much further than just being an issue for overpaid athletes, what about little Billy whose life has been forever changed because his parents didn’t get him a new bike helmet when he was learning to ride a bike and he crashed hard?

I no longer have school classroom volunteering in our elementary school years, or a cub scout den leader or youth sports team coach with parents and athletes to be responsible for.

So I am taking my life back, for me, by me because I have a lot of living yet to do.
I have tried to have open conversation with the brain injury experts at Craig Hospital on Cannabis use for the head injured but was told there is no medicinal value for cannabis in my brain injured life, they even sent me dated, pre year 2000 documents saying as much but gave no reasons why, so I took the conversion to the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado. BIAC told me they need to wait for a study to happen before they take a stance on this issue, so their loss is my gain.
I have been wrestling whether or not to make my head injury public and a talking point in my life. I am going out on a limb here as I hope you will keep an open mind to what I have just told you and take added value in it.

With all that said, will you still consider me to be your friend or neighbor.
-Mike Bates

Disclaimer: Mike Bates is 100% responsible for what he writes or posts but is never responsible for how you see it, interpret it and understand it.

Everything in life happens for a reason.
If you get the chance – take it.
If it changes your life – let it.

CBD Oil and Me

CBD Oil and Mecbd oil

CBD Oil and Me is a match made in heaven.

CBD Oil can do no wrong with me or my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) as it has only improved my quality of life, not to say it sucked to begin with and didn’t suck to this day. I like to vape my CBD with an O.PenVape.

Research needs to happen when it comes to CBD Oil and brain injury beyond it’s effects of preventing seizures as it the benefits go far beyond that. Things like: Continue reading “CBD Oil and Me”