Medical Cannabis and TBI

Medical Cannabis and TBIMedical Cannabis and TBI

This is an exerpt from a very long, not brain injury survivor friendly, article that cuts to the chase and is the information we need to know to make a smart decision when it comes to Cannabis and Brain Injury. The entire article can be read here.

Natural endogenous cannabinoids are produced in the bodies of humans and some animals. Their main function is to bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body of the organism they came from.
A compound the brain manufactures in response to trauma may be useful as a treatment for complications resulting from brain injury, Israeli researchers report.
““We believe that this compound, that the brain itself produces, may serve as a neuroprotectant agent,” lead author Esther Shohami, a professor in the School of Pharmacy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, told Reuters Health.

The compound, known as 2-arachidonoyl glycerol (2-AG), is a cannabinoid, a substance the body produces with a similar structure to chemicals found in the cannabis plant, the source of marijuana.
In research published in the October 4th issue of Nature, the investigators found 2-AG at 10 times the normal level in the brains of mice 4 hours after a traumatic injury.
The researchers theorize that the compound somehow helps prevent some of the secondary complications associated with brain injury, possibly by reducing the inflammatory response, slowing the production of a toxic brain chemical or boosting the blood supply to the brain immediately after the injury. Continue reading “Medical Cannabis and TBI”

Doctor Recommended

Doctor Recommended To MeDoctor Recommended

In year 2014, my primary Dr said I can benefit from using of Cannabis and I should vape CBD and THC Cannabis. He asked if I had a Colorado Red Card use and should get one if I don’t already have one. Doctor recommended. It’s in my medical record
He can diagnose life changing illness/events and he can prescribe opiates but not  prescribe Cannabis. That my friends is Messed Up!
Know what else is messed up? Continue reading “Doctor Recommended”

My Life My Medicine

My Life My Medicine

“You have to live in your own skin.” You have to do what is right for you, you have to be happy.

I am Opiate and pain free since 1998. Loving life now and I thank it all to vaping Cannabis oil.

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Possible Alliance

Possible Alliancealliance

In the land of brain injury, I think an alliance needs to be created between Craig Hospital the brain injury rehabilitation Insiders, and Realm of Caring  (The RoC) who is the up and coming brain injury heavy weight, to begin research of the benefits of Canabidiol and traumatic brain injury.  Oh so good results but a oh so bad history. A conversation needs to happen the sooner the better. CBD is a game changer for the TBI survivor and needs some ongoing research. Continue reading “Possible Alliance”

It Was 3 AM

It Was 3 AM3am

And I was in bed, awake, brain injury still happening so everything was on check. from my end, well almost.  What’s up with that? It’s 3. A.M. and this never, ever happens to me anymore. This never happens to me. Ever.. Continue reading “It Was 3 AM”