Youth Sports Safety

Youth Sports Safetyyouth sports safety

When it comes to Youth Sports Safety you can’t be too cautious.

That’s why I texted our coach 15 minutes before practice was to start saying we were a no go. Continue reading “Youth Sports Safety”

Status update:

I said I was going to post more the other day so I am holding true to the word. Weekends there is not a lot of extra time,youth sports rule my life right now with two sports happening 5 days week right now, so sorry… Continue reading “As Promised”

Creativity, TBI and Marijuana

Creativity, TBI and Marijuana: Increased TBI, Creativity and MarijuanaCreativity

Creativity, TBI and Marijuana together can work wonders on your confidence and abilities. Continue reading “Creativity, TBI and Marijuana”

Keeping It Real

Keeping It Realkeeping it real

I have been home from Europe 1 week as of last night and continuing to keep it real. Everybody is getting back to “real-time”.

The past week my son is 90% recovered from his chronic cough which gave him the privilege of launching Lugees from Paris south and a little east to Italy. What a present for Monaco!
I am finally recovering from my week of the Ultimate TB I Challenge which gave me 0 hours of fitful sleep while doing a walking tour of France from 5AM to 9PM. I had to find time to manage our luggage and packing only in a carry on wheelie suitcase and assorted backpacks for 9 days, and that my friends truly sucked.

A part of keeping it real now that I am home is to write a lot more, that has been my goal all along but now I have a target event to keep me on/in line.

I might be having a backwoods vacation the end of July in the Niagara Falls region of southern Ontario/Northeast New York State on a huge road trip. This means from the guy we are visiting there is no Internet unless I venture ti Dunkin Donuts in Dunkirk, New York.  Gonna have to try to figure out how I cn get the maximum wireless Internet  only plan when paring my iPhone to my laptop to help keep it real.

My broken left foot has been feeling pretty darn good 45 days after a Costisone shot between the toes the huge walking tour of France and Italy, my blistered left foot has responded well to carefully planned walking. I cut my shoe footbed at the ball of my foot off too accomodate a painless experience and the bottom of the interior of my shoe was rough and that gave me fits,



I feel like I need to explain myself to my family and friends bout my recent acknowledgement of Cannabis use in my life with a brain injury.  So, with that said, here we go…

Nadine and I advocating family leadership and brain injury support in Washington DC a few years back.

I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury in 1994, the words “my life ended but I did not die” never did seem more true. (thanks for the phrase, Kara Swanson!)

I want to raise awareness to the brain injured population that CBD and THC may improve your life, although it may not be for everybody. And that’s where I want my family leadership training attributes to shine through. I am boldly going where no family leader has gone and I do hope I get FLTI to think outside the box and to continue to support me.

I do qualify to get a Colorado medical cannabis red card from the state but I chose not to go there because I feel it’s an elite club where you have to buy in for $40 a year to get high caliber medical weed doses and pricing of Cannabis where rec priced weed is still expensive but OK by me, I just may need a second or third dose to get me where I need to be. For that $40 yearly fee, I would rather save my elusive cash and work on my politics of feeling good.

The use of CBD and THC to ease the devastating effects of brain injury including the suppressing cannabanoidsinvoluntary muscle contractions on the right side of my body, improve myself/my well being to a more improved state of body/state of mind as well as reducing the chronic body pain I used to have from my broken back and suffering right knee. It also heightens my body/mind awareness to allow me to finally accept and acknowledge that I do have a TBI (which has always been something I never have liked to admit), has worked miracles for me and finally my personal acceptance. I am who I am… The list of benefits goes on and on and I do not need to provide further proof of benefits beyond what I have already posted. Continue reading “THC CBD and TBI”

The Ultimate TBI Challenge

The Ultimate TBI ChallengeTBI, The Ultimate TBI Challenge

I have been home for four days now from The Ultimate TBI Challenge only a TBI survivor like me can have.

I have been a Stay at Home Dad since day one of my son’s 13 years of life so dealing with the issue at hand was not that big of deal, the challenge I faced was that I was in France, did not speak the language and we were on an educational walking tour where we strode over 30 miles.  I asked him everyday, “do you want to go along or stay on the bus like we did for a 1/2 day at the beginning, or do you want to stay at the hotel. Mind you, we have no car and the hotel was in the country or on the seashore and there ere no stores or restaurants near by. Continue reading “The Ultimate TBI Challenge”