7 Ways to Boost Your Success

7 Ways to Boost Your Successsuccess

No one knows how far you’ve come after a brain injury better than you do. Here’s how to use your past to fuel your future success.

The best way to move forward and keep meet the goals you set for yourself is to keep setting the bar higher while keeping one eye looking back at those memories post brain injury, particularly the many challenges and thee lessons learned so as not to repeat them again. It may sound counterintuitive, but remembering where we came from is an important part of committing to an active, healthy life.

Those memories, however hard they may come by, were hard lessons learned, right? As you (and others!) begin to accept your new presence as same-ol’ same-ol’, that’s when it becomes tempting to slip into those old habits and reliving those challenges.


Try using the following as reminders of your own journey:


1.     Keep a daily journal, even a blog about your life, you have a voice. Albeit. Stash it in a place that is not to far away that’s easy to get access to. At least once a week, spend a good full day inputting your story, both good and bad but be sure to focus primarily of the good. Tell yourself how good you feel and let it show through in your writing and how much better your smile shines without the extra baggage you left in your journal or blog. Your life has turned into quite the story when you think about it so celebrate those victories!

2.     Celebrate the anniversaries of reaching a goal. Treat it like you would any other anniversary or holiday, but make time to pamper yourself with a treat for another healthy year.

3.     Keep a journal of small successes. Log such accomplishments as, “I walked up two flights of stairs to the movie theater instead of taking the escalator,” or “I got an idea for a flower garden while riding my bike through the neighborhood today.”

4.     Identify your supporters and your saboteurs. “Don’t hang out with people who drain you”.

5.     Ask for feedback. And when you receive compliments, treat them as an opportunity to graciously accept the positive commentary and commit it to memory, so you can mentally call upon that warmth when you need it later.

6.     “Nothing is finer than seeing someone I haven’t seen in years, who gasps and says, ‘You look wonderful” And you can respond “’Yes, and I learned how to experience the joy life has to offer me through my writing when I found my spirit. I am blessed. Thanks for noticing.’

7.     Make a conscious effort at getting fit again. I have always said and believed that a healthy head needs a healthy heart where one compliments the other and the rest of your body only benefits from living with a healthy lifestyle.

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