Digging Out

Digging Outdigging out

In Colorado yesterday mother nature let loose with a barrage of snowflakes and wind.
17 inches officially in 12 hours fell.

I track my fitness (and food intake) thanks to having Weight Watchers being a part of my life; anyway, I had 3 hours and fifteen minutes of snow shoveling/snowblower activity on drifts across my driveway mre than 3 feet tall. Then there is the town of Castle Rock running their plows and defeating any progress with huge. Frozen. Chunks. Of ice out in the street blocking any chance of a quick escape in case of emergency that I still need to re-clear  after the sun melts it so soft my plastic, snow shovel can break them in half before moving them.  Have you ever tried to balance a chunk of ice/snow that is bigger than the biggest snow shovel you have at the end of a 2 and a half foot stick?

Thanks to science this is nearly impossible and my back will attest to that.

After the sun softens up the frozen mess waiting for me, I need to get out there and clear it enough so my wife can get to the office, she has been working from home, yes she has that option, making my day busier than it needs to be.  Know what I mean Vern?

After some Advil and CBD intake I am feeling more human after a very restful night of sleep.

Have a good day out there if this monster storm is tracking over you!

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