Disclaimer: Use at your own risk.disclaimer

Heh, got you thinking now, right??

Nothing in this blog or website should be used as personal medical information. No medical advice is offered and the author is not a physician, intact, he has a brain injury. So take it for what it is, what worked for me may not work for you so use at your own risk as I am not liable for your own personal actions.

Strangely, the plant-based cannabis mentioned in some posts is illegal in some states as well as some countries.

Nothing in my material encourages violations of any laws, you do so at your own risk.


So I bet after reading the above, you will click away and continue your search , right? Is my brain injury that much of a turn off?  Bet so…

Who knows brain injury better than a 20 year veteran? I call it  like I see it because I am always and without a doubt, the least popular player in the game. Over and out…..

See how you are?