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Doctor Recommended To MeDoctor Recommended

In year 2014, my primary Dr said I can benefit from using of Cannabis and I should vape CBD and THC Cannabis. He asked if I had a Colorado Red Card use and should get one if I don’t already have one. Doctor recommended. It’s in my medical record
He can diagnose life changing illness/events and he can prescribe opiates but not  prescribe Cannabis. That my friends is Messed Up!
Know what else is messed up?

A Colorado RED Card is like a select card holder club that gets you good pricing on higher levels of CBD and THC.

You have to renew your card every year for 40 bucks, think I’ll stay with Rec grade CBD. Because I can and it works for me. 10 buck weed BotanicoMMJ always works. in a 2 to 1 CBD to THC blend. I paid Native Roots in Littleton after visiting them in Dillon for a O.PenVape 250 Cartridge that comes with a 250 refill or a 500 milligram for $40 which is a screaming deal with their local discount. THC is tracked on retail receipts and so for the biggest has been 28% So CBD comes in at 14% if everybody is telling the truth. The high CBD strain Charlotte’s Web by CW Botanical in Colorado Springs is the good CBD and I don’t need that level, yet and hope I never do need it.#WorksForMe

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