Driving Cross Country

A 7 day round-trip roadtrip driving cross country to NY state and into Canada from Colorado is not for the feint of heart.

Classic NY sunset
And you can see anything, we saw a fatal accident leaving Wisconsin to make make what we were doing all too real, too fast when we saw those small white tents in the median.
Life still happens and you need to stay focused after seeing something like that so I had to change the conversation before our car became fully wigged out.
Turning the page now…
Thinking back on it all, what a long strange trip it was.
The rest area, or way side pit stop can be a pretty lawless place and saw people you just knew not to mess with getting condoms in the men’s room.
Everybody has to use the facilities sometime while traveling cross country on the road, just not late on a weekend night so after that we visited the logistical service outlets at some exits, yes that was me with a kid at the Baskin Robbins counter at a Petro in York at 11:30 at night. It was so worth it! IMG_2536Truck stops late at night is a different world as well. Truck drivers (logistics tech) and truck stops are no more, it seems like logistics is the new buzzword along Interstate 80/90 when it comes to long hauling. At a logistical service center (truck stop) you can bank, get a haircut or massage, have your oil changed/tires rotated, eat all you can, buy Powerball, get WIFI and other things. Oh ya, they just sell gas and have 10 different flavored Icee’s as well.
Saw some pretty cool Volvo long haulers along the way. I would say a Freightliner semi tractor truck is the number 2 truck to have after a Volvo. Some of those Volvos were just huge, bigger in size with just 6 wheels, no more dual rear drive tire sets on the drive axles on the newer trucks. The Peterbuilt and Kenworth trucks seemed to be the aged older hand me down truck at the fuel pump.

Saw the best of what the Midwest has to offer including the Duct Tape World Headquarters in Ohio,

Cross country sites

yes sir we did drive right past it!

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