Fatherhood, TBI and What It Means To Me

Fatherhood, TBI and What It Means To Me



Fatherhood, TBI and What It Means To Me! What a bold statement, eh, right? All in one statement. It means the world for me as a TBI survivor and three items that are not normally  associated with traumatic brain injury I am sorry to say.

The Fatherhood Part, of TBI and What It Means To Me

What doesn’t it mean to me is more like it, being a dad is everything to me and I have been his go to guy since he was born.

It all started after he was born being a  stay at home parent, all day everyday with a TBI. We spent a

1st grade share a celebration day presentations. We were first.

lot of time talking about it and nothing said would even compare to what I experienced.

A part of the role of being the primary care for a newborn, I changed diapers a bunch, a whole bunch, I fed him with a bottle a bunch and gained a bunch of weight a bunch, not necessarily in that order.
So I ran a rather popular blog at the time, milehidad.com about my trials and tribulations of being a stay at home dad, and I was seeing 3,000 plus visits a month. I had no time to think or care about my TB because I was so busy Daddying, so I didn’t.

The TBI Part, of Fatherhood and What It Means To Me

TBI is another major player in life, unfortunately. That and being directly tied to my fatherhood initiative has been a true lifesaver. My fatherhood initiated over time and was involved with hosting the National At Home Dads Convention in Denver in 2013. As a part of it all I became involved with some heavy duty family engagement through a Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI), a local organized movement of a group of parents wanting to get involved in a cause dear to them and family engagement support causes.


A part of that experience, a couple of years later I was invited and sponsored by the state of Colorado to speak in Washington DC at International Brain Injury Day with a couple gals from the inaugural class of FLTI, pretty cool, I just scored another speaking engagement on a mini vacation to our nations capital for a third time in three years!
I actively coached his youth football and baseball, stood back and the let the people who know Basketball teach him “hoop”, I helped in his elementary school years, ran an All Pro Dad Breakfast Meeting at school and the snowboard instructors drag their knuckles.

I also did 4 years as his Cub Scout Den Leader.

The What It Means To Me Part,of Fatherhood and TBI

Advocating for something is just what I do, as mom son advanced through the grades my participation became way less in his life. Fatherhood was the bit I was advocating in but as the years passed my voice became less and less, The Ultimate TBI Challengedon’t get me wrong! I am still active in his life when needed and will be the resident a-hole when needed.  Thankfully that isn’t all that often.  He has to learn to do things without my help and answer for his own actions, and this has been very tough to do. I am still active with the school, I went to Paris this last June with a bunch of kids from his class. I still don’t speak French beyond faking it with words here and there, remember I have a brain injury. I took on the ultimate parenting challenge with a sick kid in France, I do not speak in their tongue, had no cell phone voice coverage, no PC, limited WIFI on my cell when it would broadcast and no other help for 9 days.

I no longer have school classroom volunteering from our elementary school years, or a cub scout den leader or youth sports team coach with parents and athletes to be responsible for.

So I am taking my life back, for me, by me because I have a lot of living yet to do.

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Mike is not a TBI doctor, he is just an advocate for traumatic brain injury. He offers his advice on brain injury from a survivors perspective and it is up to you to take or ignore his advice. Meaning he is not responsible in any way for your actions. He offers his advice for free on the world wide web and you should take it as such, cheap advice.