Federal TBI Program Leadership Meeting

The 2012 Federal TBI Program Leadership Meeting

As noted further below via your State TBI Leaders, you are cordially invited to attend a Welcome & Orientation Meeting for individuals with TBI and family members on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 2:00pm in the Hopkins Boardroom & Foyer on the 2nd Floor of The Westin Alexandria. A reply to confirm your interest and attendance by Monday, March 19, 2012 would be most appreciated.

Sponsored by the Federal TBI Program’s TBI Technical Assistance Center at NORC and facilitated by LaShay Canady and Nadine Lund of Colorado, the Welcome & Orientation Meeting is a voluntary informal gathering designed for individuals with TBI and family members attending the 2012 Leadership Meeting. In particular, those participating for the first time. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet others, discuss related roles, and obtain helpful hints on how the Leadership Meeting may be most beneficial to individuals with TBI and family members. The Welcome & Orientation Meeting will be followed by an optional tour of The Westin Alexandria at 3:30pm.

Leadership Meeting registration opens Thursday, March 22, 2012; however, the final agenda and session descriptions will be made available at the Welcome & Orientation Meeting. The Hopkins Boardroom & Foyer will also serve as a Quiet Room to relax and refresh as needed throughout the Leadership Meeting on Thursday and Friday, March 22-23, 2012 with the Agenda description below.


Full Participation: Moving From Concept to Reality BANNEKER

States grapple with abiding by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s full and meaningful participation guidelines. Many States have included individuals with brain injury and family members in the planning and assessment processes; however, the question remains as to whether or not individuals with TBI really feel they have a voice and can share their knowledge. This session will provide States with tools for increasing leadership skills and instill confidence in individuals with brain injury and family members. Additionally, there will be dialogue and brainstorming on how everyone can do more – beyond the Leadership Meeting and other traditional ways – to truly engage individuals with brain injury and family members in the conversation.

  • Michael Bee, Colorado
  • LaShay Canady, Colorado
  • Judy Dettmer, Colorado
  • Librada Estrada, District of Columbia
  • Nadine Lund, Colorado

March 22-24, 2012 I was asked by the state of Colorado to attend and present my story on Leadership & Self Advocacy in the Full Participation: Moving From Concept to Reality breakout at The Health Resources and Services Administration’s Maternal and Child Health Bureau Federal Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program. A mouth load I know, whew!

In addition, that month was International Brain Injury Month, we met with our state representatives and congressmen on Capitol Hill to support The Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury Program and Trust Fund; and continue to provide funding to our state level TBI program.

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