Going Solo With Traumatic Brain Injury

Going Solo (Traveling) With Traumatic Brain InjuryGoing Solo With Traumatic Brain Injury

Traveling with family when you have a TBI can be a no brainer, but what about when you have to go someplace by yourself as in solo? Happened to me a few years back when I had to go to Washington DC to present on brain injury as a part of a parent leadership team from Colorado specializing in brain injury. The women had to fly by themselves and lucky me got to go solo.
To set the scene:

I have flown out of Denver International Airport both nationally and internationally with friends and family many times but I knew this trip was going to be different even though I had to DC and Virginia once before with no problem, but I was with a couple other Dads and didn’t give it anymore thought. This was my second of three trips to the Washington DC area in two years. Walking from the Metro to my hotel in an unfamiliar part of Arlington VA was rather exciting at times because I had been to the train station before but never took the sidewalk though the pedestrian tunnel and been to the other side. I can now say I have been to the other side and back for a second time in my life. Been there, done that and lived to tell about it. ┬áThen there was the trip to Ted’s Montana Grill where I had to walk to the restaurant and back in a whole new to me, part of town, been there and done that too!

Coming back home is always a major relief, a familiar airport, baggage claim and parking is always a welcome sight and I know I’m getting close to punching out completely for a while, but first, a 45 minute drive home.

There is no place like home!

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