Here and Now

Here and Now

Write here, write now… Writing, requires time & space, as well as dedication and commitment. It is difficult to find that magic combination when you are at home, when there are umpteenth other things that can easily pull your attention away from writing.Here and Now

As in the present time —used with the <man’s obligation is in the here and now — W. H. Whyte>
It’s in the here and now as I scribe this post after reading a Facebook update and it got me thinking.

There is a structure in place, and timed writing exercises that allow the creative part of writing to happen; the writer need only write, and does not need to concern themselves with the what, how or why of it.

I try to use the word “awesome” for times when it is truly justified.   I catch myself saying awesome for everyday surprises, like finding a penny on the ground, arriving somewhere early, or checking everything off my to do list at the end of a day.  These nice surprises do not conjure the wonder, miracle, or awe that the word “awesome” deserves.

Do you flex your literary muscles when you type when you tickle the keyboard with your fingers? Or maybe your literary muscles are between your ears, maybe it’s a combination of both, hmm.