Keeping It Real

Keeping It Realkeeping it real

I have been home from Europe 1 week as of last night and continuing to keep it real. Everybody is getting back to “real-time”.

The past week my son is 90% recovered from his chronic cough which gave him the privilege of launching Lugees from Paris south and a little east to Italy. What a present for Monaco!
I am finally recovering from my week of the Ultimate TB I Challenge which gave me 0 hours of fitful sleep while doing a walking tour of France from 5AM to 9PM. I had to find time to manage our luggage and packing only in a carry on wheelie suitcase and assorted backpacks for 9 days, and that my friends truly sucked.

A part of keeping it real now that I am home is to write a lot more, that has been my goal all along but now I have a target event to keep me on/in line.

I might be having a backwoods vacation the end of July in the Niagara Falls region of southern Ontario/Northeast New York State on a huge road trip. This means from the guy we are visiting there is no Internet unless I venture ti Dunkin Donuts in Dunkirk, New York.  Gonna have to try to figure out how I cn get the maximum wireless Internet  only plan when paring my iPhone to my laptop to help keep it real.

My broken left foot has been feeling pretty darn good 45 days after a Costisone shot between the toes the huge walking tour of France and Italy, my blistered left foot has responded well to carefully planned walking. I cut my shoe footbed at the ball of my foot off too accomodate a painless experience and the bottom of the interior of my shoe was rough and that gave me fits,

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