More About Me

More About Me

About me: I have been a Stay at Home Dad since day 1, 13 years ago but have been transitioning into my next stage of Fatherhood which had made me refocus on what needs to be done next.

I also have a traumatic brain injury.

Instead of doing my MileHighDad gig, I am now known as the TBI Insider. I am an advocate, face and voice of traumatic brain injury in Colorado, not classy I know but I need to take what comes along and it’s something i feel qualified to perform as this, as it all came around this last week.

3 years ago I attended and spoke at a national brain injury event in Washington DC with Lashay and Nadine. I am going to continue on this ride for a while and see where it takes me.

On the fatherhood scene, the fatherhood initiative I had been involved in never got of the ground so I had to refocus.  In June I will be going to France with my son as a parent chaperon and 15 of his fellow 13 french class, classmates for 10 days.  I do not speak french but am learning a little here and there.

What am I, crazy? remember I have a TBI!  I am watching terrorism news very closely and hope out tour agency cancels our tour.

13 year old kids and international terrorists are not in our 8th grade curriculum, I might have to be the squeaky wheel to make change in their travel policy, because I am for the kids!


About: -TBI Insider:
Mike is not a TBI doctor, he is just an advocate for traumatic brain injury. He offers his advice on brain injury from a survivors perspective and it is up to you to take or ignore his advice. Meaning he is not responsible in any way for your actions. He offers his advice for free on the world wide web and you should take it as such, cheap advice.