On the Edge

On the Edgeon the edge

Always feeling like I was always on the edge after my TBI was a cruel and inhumane way to live life, keyword: punishment.

On the edge is a term I use when I felt like I was expected to perform in the hours of therapies I once had daily.

Then there were the Dr appointments, evaluations, re evaluations, checking and double checking while living under a microscope. I am not sure anybody could pass those test back to back to back.

There are people I have come across that make me wonder who has the disability him, her or me. These people have jobs, and I am not worthy enough to be considered for a job, I used to want, and apply for jobs often, never deterred by all the rejection.

I tried my best to keep a happy my face but a happy face used to be fueled by a paycheck. But no more, I tend to just take it as it comes. Burn play list to mt iPhone, do some .com work, watch a lot of TV, do chores and work out.

I am no longer On the edge

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Mike is not a TBI doctor, he is just an advocate for traumatic brain injury. He offers his advice on brain injury from a survivors perspective and it is up to you to take or ignore his advice. Meaning he is not responsible in any way for your actions. He offers his advice for free on the world wide web and you should take it as such, cheap advice.