Parenting When You Have a TBI

Parenting When You Have a TBIparents-brain-injury

Parenting can be challenging for a mother or father with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Unfortunately, the problems that happen to a person after traumatic brain injury has occurred can make parenting even more of a challenge.

If you are experiencing any challenges with parenting, I ask you to try to remember just one thing, you are not alone.

People with a TBI may have trouble with memory, attention, organization, planning ahead, and keeping track of more than one thing at a time, all critical functions when it comes to parenting. Difficulties with any of these can make your daily activities a challenge. For example, problems with thinking can make it difficult to help children with their homework. It may also be difficult to keep track of children’s schedules and activities.

Physical problems are a common thing we have to deal with after a TBI.
For example, people with a TBI may have problems with movement or getting around. When we were pregnant, I had enough forethought to know I had better get in shape and lose 40 pounds, not an easy thing to do for a mere mortal let alone some disabled dude; but I was driven every time I saw my plump wife and knew I had to make a huge change happen.

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