I Rubik, Do You

I Rubik, Do You?

Rubik's Cube
Rubik’s Cube

Talk about a Rubik nightmare for the brain injured people in your life, the Cube 3x3x3 or the original standard of cube could. Be. It.

This Cube puzzle is a test for our sequencing, problem solving, strategy building as it is a challenge for the general population.

Am I being mean by posting this article?  At first I though yes, but after playing with one of our Cubes, and we have 5, a 2x2x2, 3x3x3 (of which we have 2) a 4x4x4 and a 5x5x5, I have seen the good it can do for the survivor.  Frustrating yes, but what’s not frustrating in our lives?  At least with a Cube we can set it down and save it for later or just put it away completely.

So you’re thinking aw, that’s not for me, right?

Fear not my friends, there is a Rubik’s Cube Solver web site where you change the screen cube colors to match the cube you use; the web site will decide if your current cube’s state is solvable or not then direct you to solve it if it is doable. Pretty Cool!

It took Erno Rubik (the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube) one month to learn how to do a Rubik’s Cube. Some people started thinking about how to complete the Rubik’s Cube back in the 80’s, and in 36 years have gotten little further than one side. Till now. Will you be the first person you know to do a cube?  I am like you, and just tonight I didn’t completely solve it but in a couple turns I has a 2x2x2 with four solved sides with a couple of cubes out-of-place that were correct in color, otherwise.

The more you use that above solver web site to solve a 3x3x3, the more at ease with a cube you become, and start to see things and make those things happen.  Who knows, you might amaze yourself then your friends!

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Mike is not a TBI doctor, he is just an advocate for traumatic brain injury. He offers his advice on brain injury from a survivors perspective and it is up to you to take or ignore his advice. Meaning he is not responsible in any way for your actions. He offers his advice for free on the world wide web and you should take it as such, cheap advice.