Stairs Suck!

Oh no stairs!Pepsi Center Stairs

Stairs always suck because of my balance issues, mix in big crowds and I get uncomfortable but fast. How is your balance with a tbi these days?

Mine is better these days but still makes me ask myself, “are there stairs involved?” Then I plan a strategy.

Stadium seating still a nightmare in all the places I have had to go. Three years ago I took my cub scout bear den to a district wide movie and overnighter at the Pepsi Center in Denver. I had a ton of stuff to carry in addition to what my scout brought.

There were at least escalators to get to our second deck sleeping concourse and I had 5 scouts and scout parents I was responsible for.  My plate was full that night, and a thousand scouts on a sleepover in a coliseum you know the kids are not going to sleep much, and they ran, and I slept, not soundly because they were putting the Nuggets basketball floor over the Avalanche’s ice. A noisy thing in itself, add a ton of cruising cub scouts and you get the picture on my quality of sleep.

On. The. Floor. I was successful and morning did eventually come but that is just one balance challenge in my life  as a dad.

Denver Bronco’s Football

The coldest game of the year and we get tickets for my son and I sitting in the South End Zone of Sport’s authority Field at Mile High. Pretty sweet seats for the 16th row victory.  It was only two of I and our gear to deal with so distractions were not even an issue but I planned ahead my stairs strategy. which was no beer and do not fall because of snow and ice.

I have yet had a major encounter (meaning a fall) yet but it is always on my mind! Just another of the many challenges brought on in life with a tbi.

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