Creativity, TBI and Marijuana

Creativity, TBI and Marijuana: Increased TBI, Creativity and MarijuanaCreativity

Creativity, TBI and Marijuana together can work wonders on your confidence and abilities.

Introverts prefer activities like dancing, drawing and building. These do these things because they can immerse themselves into their work and fully focus on expressing their creativity. The same may hold true for the brain injured.

Many introverts tend to be shy or uncomfortable in some social situations. The same holds for many people with a traumatic brain injury.

Research has indicated that traits shared by many introverts and brain injury survivors could share a preference for cannabis over other things.

It shouldn’t shock you to find out that cannabis can help you be more creative. This is one of the reasons why the survivor enjoys cannabis.

After being an urban legend for decades that is now being debunked in a few states.
Research has shown that supports cannabis’ ability to increase creativity.

Doctors are now theorizing that cannabis causes a release of dopamine to your prefrontal cortex. This is the part of the brain where complex behavior and decision-making resides. A rush of dopamine might be what gives you those crazy, yet brilliant high ideas and creative bursts when you’re high. Just make sure you make a note of them when they happen or the thought may be gone forever, thank you TBI!

Brain injury survivors really enjoy these creative bursts if they wrote them down because they help them explore existential questions and create new ideas.  It helps them make better decisions and express themselves in whatever they do.

In an Internet research study put on by Psychology Today, they found a study on the effects of using cannabis and creativity.  Schafer and colleagues (2011) reviewed literature suggesting that the effects of cannabis on creativity have not been extensively studied. Nor are the mechanisms by which it stimulates creativity are well understood.  However, they suggested that cannabis produces psychotomimetic symptoms, which in turn might lead to connecting seemingly unrelated concepts. An aspect of divergent thinking considered primary to creative thinking.

Studies have found that marijuana indeed makes users perceive themselves as having more creative thoughts and ideas.

—Which would help explain why so many artists and musicians tout its benefits.

Are you among them?

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