TBI Tip -Strength & Weaknesses

strength and weaknessesYour Strength & Weaknesses

Know what you are capable of doing.

Know what you can carry out with support.

Know what you will not be able to do ever again.

Take responsibility for claiming your strengths by recognizing the SIGNs.

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs, right?
Success – A part of life that’s an activity that strengthens you, but it can be hard to pay attention in the course of your daily busyness you need to know how what we do and how it makes us feel.
When you do the activity, you feel effective and in control (what people in the TBI profession call “self-efficacy”).
Instinct – Before you do the activity, you look forward to doing it. You can’t wait to do it.
Growth – While you are doing the activity,you feel strong, smart and focused. You may lose track of time
and two hours feel like only five minutes have passed, which is a good thing.
Needs – After you’ve done the activity, even if you’re tired, you feel fulfilled and have needs, so be sure to reward yourself appropriately.

Strengths and Weaknesses Inventory

Take 5 minutes to reflect on the past week or month. Pay attention to how the tasks you did made
you feel as you were doing them. Think of the SIGNs of a strength (and note that the SIGNs
of a weakness are simply the reverse) and make note of activities that energized you, and
those that left you drained.

Put It Into Practice

Putting your strengths to work is beneficial to you, because you will experience your most sustained success when you are energized and doing what you love.
There is also power in examining how you can leverage your strengths specifically to meet current challenges in your work.
Pair up with a partner and help each other explore ways in which each of you might be able to leverage those strengths to meet your outcomes.

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