Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again

Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again

Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again
Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again

Having a brain injury and loving yourself again can be quite a challenge when you barely know that new person you see in the mirror. I’ll say it again: Brain Injury and Loving Your New Self Again. “I’m not me anymore, but I’m still me.” So say the people who write about, speak or otherwise communicate  about living a life riddled by traumatic brain injury.

A person with a TBI is six times more likely to have suicidal thoughts than someone without a brain injury. Some may not feel very lucky to be alive. Irritability is a common post-TBI occurrence, there is little known about what it is, what causes it. Continue reading “Brain Injury and Loving Yourself Again”

Daily Chores

Daily Choreswashingdishes

Cannabis helps with daily chores, also when dealing with school, work, and home-life.

By daily chore, I mean living life.

My mind races very fast due to my brain injury and cannabis helps me slow it down so I can think through the situation and not hide from it or make unjust decisions. Continue reading “Daily Chores”

Creativity, TBI and Marijuana

Creativity, TBI and Marijuana: Increased TBI, Creativity and MarijuanaCreativity

Creativity, TBI and Marijuana together can work wonders on your confidence and abilities. Continue reading “Creativity, TBI and Marijuana”



I feel like I need to explain myself to my family and friends bout my recent acknowledgement of Cannabis use in my life with a brain injury.  So, with that said, here we go…

Nadine and I advocating family leadership and brain injury support in Washington DC a few years back.

I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury in 1994, the words “my life ended but I did not die” never did seem more true. (thanks for the phrase, Kara Swanson!)

I want to raise awareness to the brain injured population that CBD and THC may improve your life, although it may not be for everybody. And that’s where I want my family leadership training attributes to shine through. I am boldly going where no family leader has gone and I do hope I get FLTI to think outside the box and to continue to support me.

I do qualify to get a Colorado medical cannabis red card from the state but I chose not to go there because I feel it’s an elite club where you have to buy in for $40 a year to get high caliber medical weed doses and pricing of Cannabis where rec priced weed is still expensive but OK by me, I just may need a second or third dose to get me where I need to be. For that $40 yearly fee, I would rather save my elusive cash and work on my politics of feeling good.

The use of CBD and THC to ease the devastating effects of brain injury including the suppressing cannabanoidsinvoluntary muscle contractions on the right side of my body, improve myself/my well being to a more improved state of body/state of mind as well as reducing the chronic body pain I used to have from my broken back and suffering right knee. It also heightens my body/mind awareness to allow me to finally accept and acknowledge that I do have a TBI (which has always been something I never have liked to admit), has worked miracles for me and finally my personal acceptance. I am who I am… The list of benefits goes on and on and I do not need to provide further proof of benefits beyond what I have already posted. Continue reading “THC CBD and TBI”

Medical Cannabis and TBI

Medical Cannabis and TBIMedical Cannabis and TBI

This is an exerpt from a very long, not brain injury survivor friendly, article that cuts to the chase and is the information we need to know to make a smart decision when it comes to Cannabis and Brain Injury. The entire article can be read here.

Natural endogenous cannabinoids are produced in the bodies of humans and some animals. Their main function is to bind to cannabinoid receptors in the body of the organism they came from.
A compound the brain manufactures in response to trauma may be useful as a treatment for complications resulting from brain injury, Israeli researchers report.
““We believe that this compound, that the brain itself produces, may serve as a neuroprotectant agent,” lead author Esther Shohami, a professor in the School of Pharmacy at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, told Reuters Health.

The compound, known as 2-arachidonoyl glycerol (2-AG), is a cannabinoid, a substance the body produces with a similar structure to chemicals found in the cannabis plant, the source of marijuana.
In research published in the October 4th issue of Nature, the investigators found 2-AG at 10 times the normal level in the brains of mice 4 hours after a traumatic injury.
The researchers theorize that the compound somehow helps prevent some of the secondary complications associated with brain injury, possibly by reducing the inflammatory response, slowing the production of a toxic brain chemical or boosting the blood supply to the brain immediately after the injury. Continue reading “Medical Cannabis and TBI”

My Life My Medicine

My Life My Medicine

“You have to live in your own skin.” You have to do what is right for you, you have to be happy.

I am Opiate and pain free since 1998. Loving life now and I thank it all to vaping Cannabis oil.

Continue reading “My Life My Medicine”

The TBI Insider Cannabis Experience TodayHere and Now

Sat down with a TBI.

Rain then snow, rain then snow, then more snow and rain happening outside again. It’s that kind of day today.

Inside again today after our daily drive to school with my son.
I got my sweat shirt, Carhartts and Nike runners on, comfortably numb and writing a blog post on why I am so comfortably numb.
The DJ’s on 103.5 the Fox are really baked this morning and talking up, and I can really relate to their ramblings. It’s very cool to be able to hear about what people are doing, and what, their thoughts are while using Cannabis, hence this post, only with a TBI twist thrown in. Now they must have the munchies because of all the food talk… Winner winner, chicken dinner!

This weeks sampling of Colorado Cannabis flower comes from Botanico in the RiNo District in the Lo Do of Denver. The Art District is showing some nice revitalization and is easily accessible. Parked right out front and didn’t need no stinking blue placard, heck there is very little traffic on the wide street that I could negotiate without having to up-shift my walking speed.

Continue reading “The TBI Insider Cannabis Experience Today”

Check This Sock Folding Trick Out

Check out this nifty way to fold socks and save space!

This video shows people how folding socks in a new way that keeps them together without any mess and is super slick. Get this, using just her hands, she’s able to get the job done in under 12 seconds, and when you see how, you’ll never fold socks the same way again. And it organizes your sock drawer!

Continue reading “Check This Sock Folding Trick Out”

Time On My Side

Time On My SideTime On My Side

If you have the time to do what you want during the day you got the time to do what is good for you.

I am not talking about something that takes all day to do and your heart will thank you.

I have said all along that in order to have a healthy head you need a healthy heart, as in being physically fit.

I will be the first to admit that I’m no fitness expert, in fact far from it. I am the guy who used to weigh 205 pounds, more than was healthy for my 5’8″ frame. “In my  pictures in 2002 after my son’s birth, I looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at the beach”. I decided enough was enough,. cut out fatty food, and started walking on a treadmill to begin with. Continue reading “Time On My Side”

How Cool Is That

How Cool Is That

How Cool Is That? So there I was reading my brain injury news feed to see not what is new on the medical forefront is, How Cool Is Thatbut to see and read of other TBI Survivor life stories beyond the sucky read of life pity me stories because we all know how much is sucks, like ever minute of every day, get over it already! Anyway I like reading about people who accept the new them and share stories about just how fucked up life gets to be a times when you have a TBI. Continue reading “How Cool Is That”