The Grocery Store TBI Challenge

The Grocery Store TBI Challengekroger

You either love to go grocery shopping or you hate it.


I tend to have a love hate relationship with our version of a Kroger market called, King Soopers.

Winning scenario: On the rare day it is not crowded, the floor is dry -meaning there is no snow in the parking lot and my shoes ended up squeaking because that’s what the do when it is wet outside. Then I hope my parking space in the back row is not taken, things tend to go good for this chore.
I can get past the parking space not being open because it is just a fitness thing I have of always parking in the back row for fitness and there are only two back spaces in particular on my preferred side of the store. I don’t ask for much and I time my trip so I have a high chance of success. And with the last row only being 2 spaces wide I can just patrol the next row for open space without wasting a slow crawl looking and hoping.

My Peeves about the grocery experience

I guess the thing that gets to me the most is when the store operator cannot leave the aisle layout alone. It is forever changing and this really gets to me when I have to get more than just a couple of things. Just leave the isles alone!

The self-service checkout is one of the coolest things to happen in the grocery grand scheme but with it comes another bane of mine, the Debit Card kiosk machine.


That dang card reader machine also has software updates to make it better, but by whose standards? No one has ever asked me what works and what sucks. Those attendants with the tablet PCs have just got to laugh when people are presented challenges at pay up time. Either that or they just cringe when they see me coming. Our credit card kiosk team never changes, sure they get days off but when the older guy with a chip on his shoulder or his geeky kid counterpart, they are always there.

Then there is the plastic storage container system section, don’t know what I am talking about? Think Tupperware. There are always newer versions of the same size container more than likely a quarter inch bigger or smaller than whatever I have that do not play well together when stacking or finding the proper lid that fits.

With a grocery store there may be an associated gas station, why don’t the pumps and credit card kiosk use the same size and formatted receipts… More of a personal affinity than a real concern, but still!

With all that said, even a person without a TBI has to be pulling their hair out!  Then there is us, please don’t update your aisle content signage, just leave it to our memory to help his navigate the grocery store isle.

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