Time On My Side

Time On My SideTime On My Side

If you have the time to do what you want during the day you got the time to do what is good for you.

I am not talking about something that takes all day to do and your heart will thank you.

I have said all along that in order to have a healthy head you need a healthy heart, as in being physically fit.

I will be the first to admit that I’m no fitness expert, in fact far from it. I am the guy who used to weigh 205 pounds, more than was healthy for my 5’8″ frame. “In my  pictures in 2002 after my son’s birth, I looked like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at the beach”. I decided enough was enough,. cut out fatty food, and started walking on a treadmill to begin with.

I’m not fast, but I’m consistent,” says me, who says consistency is his best tip for maintaining a successful fitness regimen.

You didn’t get to be overweight in a day so please don’t expect fit results after a day if working out, it takes time, 30 minutes a day.

You are disabled but there are ways to get your heart pumping even if you are in a wheelchair. You can do it! Sorry, my Tony Little came out there and I promise it might happen again.

If you are in a wheelchair please consider trying the following. Sit on a wood chair with a wooden chair on each side, on these chairs put a similar thickness sized book on each chair where if you put  your hand on them and pushed you will elevate your butt of the chair you are sitting in.  Try doing that for 10 minutes.

If you can do 10 minutes good for you, now do more.

Now try 20 minutes, I bet it gets your heart beating fast!

After you can successfully do this for 20 minutes, work for a 30 minute burn. You can do it!

Keeping the body moving as much as possible in your wheelchair should be a regular part of your daily fitness program. This should be a priority no matter what your disability. Doing regular wheelchair exercise will help you increase your strength, flexibility, improve your mobility, strengthen your heart and lungs, and help you control your weight.

Also consider working the following moves into your regimen.

Time On My Side

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Mike is not a TBI doctor, he is just an advocate for traumatic brain injury. He offers his advice on brain injury from a survivors perspective and it is up to you to take or ignore his advice. Meaning he is not responsible in any way for your actions. He offers his advice for free on the world wide web and you should take it as such, cheap advice.