The Ultimate TBI Challenge

The Ultimate TBI ChallengeTBI, The Ultimate TBI Challenge

I have been home for four days now from The Ultimate TBI Challenge only a TBI survivor like me can have.

I have been a Stay at Home Dad since day one of my son’s 13 years of life so dealing with the issue at hand was not that big of deal, the challenge I faced was that I was in France, did not speak the language and we were on an educational walking tour where we strode over 30 miles.  I asked him everyday, “do you want to go along or stay on the bus like we did for a 1/2 day at the beginning, or do you want to stay at the hotel. Mind you, we have no car and the hotel was in the country or on the seashore and there ere no stores or restaurants near by.

I feel like I have been on an ultimate 9 day parenting reality show with a sick kid, in a foreign land where I don’t speak/read the language and having to buy medication/interact in a foreign tongue, by myself.

I had spotty limited Internet access the whole time, no overseas cell phone connectivity, no Dr Phil, no nothing and virtually no other parents involved minus one other mom.
In other words by myself.

Plus I have a TBI (Google it, yep that one) to add to this Scooby Doo adventure.

It was advised by the EF Tours leadership to avoid the Dr/hospital scenario unless it was a true life and death situation.

Makes me wonder what would’ve happened had I not been involved…

When presented with this type of situation it is best to step back, take a breath and reevaluate the situation you are both faced. to keep it all real.

Make sure you are seeing the whole picture, in my case one of the biggest obstacles I faced in my week in France was feeling shut off from a voice connection with my wife, my cell coverage did not have any international calling plan and I knew that going in. Could have talked with another parent on the trip and used their cell to phone home with but I didn’t do that.

What I did do based off a Facebook Chat I had one evening with my wife,luckily I was able to get a WIFI reception downstairs near the front desk, and in that chat I had to arrange for her to call our room Using our Comcast phone subscription which had to free international minutes attached to it., so back down the stairs I went to get the local phone number with country code and sent it to my wife through Facebook. When that phone rang, it was like a ton of bricks being lifted off my shoulders for the few minutes we talked, my kid included in the conversation. Having someone to use as a sounding board only increased my confidence that I was doing the right thing. What exactly that right thing was, I am still unsure to this day.

Hope I passed the class…

Afternote: The first day back at home in the US, I was able to get us into see our pediatrician that same day.He ran his tests and we talked which only reconfirmed my feelings all along. I made the right call.

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