XBox Love

XBox Lovexbox love

I have a XBox One love hate relationship, mostly hate as in I love to hate, this popular Microsoft gaming system.

There isn’t one thing I like about the XBox One gaming console system that my son plays.

Quite a few of the game requires you to have a Microsoft XBox Live subscription to play the game, this is above and beyond the mostly $30 to $50 game price you have to pay in addition to the game disk.The XBox One can be a source of frustration c my kids which turns in a source of hate for me.

The flexibility of the gaming system so you can add or remove games without getting a system error upon reinstall is a major source of frustration for both of us.

Then we got the Rory McElroy Golf Game and neither of our created player will save so they can continue their PGA Tour career. I want to blow this disk into the trash but he says no.

An XBox Poem

Xbox One, Xbox One,
you’re never the one for me.
I also despise my old 360
as well as my Nintendo Wii.

Rubik Cube, GameBoy,
Apple iPod Touch.
I never thought that I would ever
be in hate this much.

Pac-Man, Sonic,
Mario, and Link.
Your names are etched inside my mind
in an everlasting stink.

Run, toss, powerslide , hang,
spin a cookie, and climb.
Tossing in the trash is all I want to do
with every second of my XBox One time.

This isn’t true love.
Yes, it’s plain to see.
Xbox, Xbox,
will you please be free?

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